ReSet: An innovative approach to delivering capital repairs

ReSet: An innovative approach to delivering capital repairs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ReSet delivers capital repairs by community - all the needed repair work in a community is done at the same time, with resident input on planning, design and decision-making at the forefront.

The program focuses on renewing buildings that are in poor condition by developing action plans with residents to create lasting physical change, and to address the economic and social challenges they face.

If funding for our $2.6 billion capital repair plan​ is secured, this program will “reset the clock” on the condition of our aging buildings and improve living conditions for residents of 52,000 homes across Toronto over the next eight years. In the meantime, we will continue to carry out capital repairs in all other communities as needed. Visit the capital repairs tracker to follow our progress.​​

Site selection

ReSet targets communities that have major repair needs where full-scale demolition and rebuilding is not economically feasible, and there is no redevelopment opportunity. A clear process has been developed to identify pilot communities and will be used to prioritize future sites.

In 2015, ReSet began for 900 homes in three pilot communities:

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​The benefits​

​​​​Faster repairs

By bundling all capital repairs under a single general contractor, work will be done more efficiently, effectively and with the least amount of disruption to residents. By moving to a general contractor model, we are able to complete multiple capital repairs at the same time. This means that multiple projects can be completed in the same year, rather than stretching out over long periods of time.

Cost savings

Through ReSet, common building materials will be purchased in bulk and installed community-by-community through a general contractor, creating significant costs savings. For example through bulk purchasing, estimated savings for kitchen cabinetry range from five to 20 per cent and are expected to reach tens of millions in savings when extended to all major components to be procured.

Increasing community safety​

Improvements to communities will be guided by Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. For example:
  • Emergency vehicles will have access to all buildings/units within 30 metres
  • Access to parking will be safe, well-lit and convenient to residential units
  • Communities will be connected to surrounding streets which will now be accessible from multiple points ​
  • Pedestrian walkways and roads will be well-lit and visible from homes with generous windows and porches providing improved “eyes on the street”​

​Resident engagement

Meaningful resident input will occur at every step, much like in our Revitalization communities, so that we can plan and deliver each stage of the project with the community’s input and support. This will create better outcomes and​ support renewed growth and opportunities for residents.

Matching programs to communities

ReSet will include a full review of programs and services available to residents based on community needs. We will work closely with residents and community partners to match services with needs, ensure that common spaces are put to the best use for everyone, and that residents have a voice throughout the process.​​