Restructuring plan

Restructuring plan

Restructuring plan

This page provides information to TCHC tenants and the public about the restructuring plan announced on September 13, 2019. Check it regularly to stay informed about the plan and what we are doing to communicate with tenants, stakeholders, staff and the public.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is implementing a plan approved by its board of directors that will restructure the organization to provide better services to tenants. The plan includes changes to decentralize operations, add frontline resources, empower local decision-making and bring services closer to where tenants live.

TCHC will implement the plan in phases. Once the plan is fully implemented, staff will have the tools and authority to deliver better, more responsive services consistently and with accountability.

The new structure brings all elements of tenant service under a single Operations Division led by the Chief Operating Officer. Three regional offices, each led by a General Manager reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, will be responsible for monitoring and managing the delivery of tenant services.

As work takes place to implement the restructuring plan, we will keep tenants informed of our progress and provide opportunities for you to give us your input and feedback. We are committed to clear, open and timely communications with tenants so they know what changes are being made and how the changes affect them.

Consultation meetings

In November 2019, Toronto Community Housing held a series of consultation meetings with tenants about the restructuring plan. Hosted by the Chief Operating Officer and the Regional General Managers, the meetings were interactive events where tenants learned more about the restructuring plan, asked questions and provided their input through small group discussions.

In this compilation video, Chief Operating Officer Sheila Penny opens the discussion—as she did at each meeting—by inviting tenants to think about the thousands of interactions that take place each day between tenants and frontline staff. Then she asked tenants to share how they would change or improve these interactions as we focus on becoming a great service organization.


Read a summary of tenant input and feedback from the meetings.  

Tenant questions

Tenants with questions about the restructuring plan can contact us at or call our Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500.

Media communications

Below are a list of links to media communications surrounding the restructuring plan.