Tenant Complaint Process

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Tenant Complaint Process

Toronto Community Housing takes complaints regarding our staff and services we have provide, seriously. A process is in place for tenants and stakeholders to address their concerns in order to receive a resolution. Staff will acknowledge, investigate and provide a resolution for all complaints received from tenants or stakeholders within our communities. 

A complaint is defined as, an expression of dissatisfaction related to a Toronto Community Housing program, service, tenant or staff member, where the individual believes that Toronto Community Housing or its staff, have not provided a service experience in accordance with current policies and procedures and/or their expectations, and a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.

When addressing your complaint, the Solutions Team will:

  • Acknowledge the complaint within two business days.
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the concern(s) brought forward
  • Maintain open lines of communication with the complainant and all parties involved throughout the process
  • Communicate the resolution in writing to the complainant and their local office

Toronto Community Housing encourages individuals to report any concerns or complaints immediately after the incident takes place. However, we will accept complaints up to six months from the date of the initial incident. 

Steps in tenant complaint process

1. Tenant informs Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) staff of the specific complaint. The complaint may be made either in person at the building or Operating Unit (OU) office, by telephone or email to the Client Care Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at solutions@torontohousing.ca or 416-981-5500.

2. Operating Unit staff or Client Care Agent will record the complaint and provide a reference number and they will contact the appropriate member of staff to address your complaint. Staff responsible for responding to the complaint will respond the tenant within 48 hours from when the complaint was filed to obtain additional detail about the issue.

3. In the event the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, staff will inform the tenant of the anticipated time it will take to resolve the complaint and they will update the file with an 'expected resolution date'. In all cases, the tenant will be informed of the outcome of the decision being made.

4. In the event a complaint cannot be resolved by the staff member it was assigned to then the complaint will be raised to the next level of management to work on getting the issue resolved.

Example of escalation paths:

Complaint made againstEscalate toComplaint made againstEscalate to
Building maintenance staff (Supt, CMP, Cleaner)Community Housing Supervisor (CHS)Community Services Coordinator (CSC)Manager of Access & Support or Engagement
Tenant Services Coordinator (TSC), Operating Unit ClerkOperating Unit Manager (OUM)Manager of Access & Support or EngagementDirector of Program Delivery
Community Housing Supervisor (CHS)Operating Unit Manager (OUM)  
Operating Unit Manager (OUM)Director within Asset ManagementClient Care AgentSupervisor, Client Care


5. In the event a complaint is still not resolved by the next level manager (step 4) you can request it to be escalated to the division Director or division Executive.