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Workplace Diversity Policy

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​​​​​Policy Summary

This policy supports the Community Management Plan's (CMP) focus on a Healthy Organization. It provides the basis for creating changes so that the TCHC workforce at all levels reflects the demographics of the tenant communities and the City of Toronto.


TCHC believes a diverse workforce benefits everyone. It is a source of knowledge and strength. It is essential to the service we deliver. A diverse, healthy workforce includes people of different races, cultures, religions, age, Aboriginals, people with disabilities, women and those with different sexual orientation or identity – in all job levels.

​​This diversity policy is based on TCHC's values outlined in the CMP:
  • fair and equitable treatment of staff and tenants
  • respect for the human rights and dignity of all members of the community

​TCHC recognizes that certain groups of people experience barriers to employment and are underrepresented in the workforce. These groups include people with disabilities, racialized minorities, women and Aboriginals. We are mindful that other groups too, such as youth living in TCHC communities, face barriers to employment. TCHC is committed to removing barriers that these groups or any others experience either when seeking employment with TCHC or when working for TCHC.

Policy Statement

The purpose of this Workplace Diversity Policy is to:
  • create a workforce that reflects the demographics of tenant communities and the City of Toronto.
  • ensure balanced representation of priority groups at all levels of the organization
  • eliminate all barriers to recruitment, hiring, promotion and retention

This Diversity Policy supports and works hand in hand with the Human Rights Code and TCHC's Human Rights, Harassment and Fairness Policy which requires TCHC to protect all employees from discrimination.


A person's ability to learn and perform a job is the basis for all TCHC's hiring and promotion decisions.
TCHC will ensure that all employment systems are free of bias and considerations that are not relevant to job performance.
TCHC will set priority groups and numerical goals for all job levels. TCHC will adjust the priority groups and goals as needed over time.
TCHC will put concrete measures in place to remove barriers and to increase the numbers of priority group members at different job levels.

Application of Policy

TCHC will implement a diversity plan that includes:
  • A workforce profile that provides information on the representation of different groups
  • Comparison against City of Toronto and TCHC community census data
  • A review of employment policies and practices to identify and eliminate barriers. This include​s a review of Collective Agreements with labour partners.
  • Initiatives that include job readiness programs, targeted training opportunities and reasonable accommodation.
  • Training and other supports to existing employees to develop their potential and prepare for new job opportunities.
  • Tools to track results and evaluate progress
  • Financial resources in a dedicated budget


The following principles will be applied as we carry out the diversity plan:
  • Leadership by a Labour/Management partnership
  • Clear and open communication
  • Education that supports understanding of this policy


TCHC will set accountabilities for staff at all levels to support this policy.
TCHC will monitor and report results internally to its Board on a quarterly basis
TCHC will monitor and report results publicly on an annual basis.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed in 18 months.

Applicable Legislation and Reference Documents

The following legislation and reference documents apply to this policy:​
  • TCHC Community Management Plan (CMP)
  • TCHC Human Rights, Harassment and Fair Access Policy
  • TCHC Accessibility Policy
  • Ontario Human Rights Code