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Our green initiatives

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​​​​​​​​​​For the latest information about conservation initiatives at Toronto Community Housing, visit torontohousing.ca/conservation. 

At Toronto Community Housing, we are committed to identifying best practices and developing standards for energy efficiency across our portfolio, and to educating staff and tenants on these green ​initiatives:

What can you do to go green?​

A young child spinning a conservation wheel.

We engage staff and tenants in our green initiatives. ​​

Please contact ferdous.noman@torontohousing.ca​ if you are a Toronto Community Housing tenant or staff and wish to receive conservation training.

Capital Engagement and Conservation Program (CECP)

​Toronto Community Housing has launched the Capital Engagement and Conservation Program (CECP) to support tenants through disruptive capital repairs and engage them in conservation activities focused on reducing energy consumption (electricity, water, natural gas) and solid waste. 

The program is delivered jointly by Facilities Management Division (FM) and Resident and Community Services (RCS) Division. Its goals are to:

  • Reduce impacts of disruptive repairs especially vulnerable tenants
  • Improve tenant comfort and quality of life
  • Reduce TCHC's utility and waste disposal costs
  • Provide tenants with new employment, job training and networking opportunities

TowerWise Retrofit Proje​​ct​

Toronto Community Housing and Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) signed an agreement in December 2014 to implement energy retrofits in more than 1,200 households across seven Toronto Community Housing buildings. 

The benefits

With financing provided by TAF, Toronto Community Housing is able to accelerate high-impact facility upgrades.
  • Retrofits are projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent and utility costs by 20 per cent
  • Cutting-edge sensor technology is in place to monitor, measure and document improvements in indoor air quality and resident comfort
  • Energy cost savings can be used to support Toronto Community Housing's 10-year capital repair plan. Investment in capital repairs and revitalization will lead to a 10 per cent reduction in utility costs and a nine-per-cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over 30 years
  • The results of this project will clearly demonstrate the benefits of similar retrofits for Toronto Community Housing and other large social housing providers

The retrofits

  • Retrofits are taking place in seven multi-unit buildings on Trethewey Drive, Kendleton Drive and Arleta Avenue.
  • Retrofits will include facility upgrades like double-glazed windows, low flow faucets and toilets, high-efficiency refrigerators, boilers, motors and lighting.

More information

Garbage, recycling and organics​

Photo of a grabage, recycling and organic waste chutes.

We are committed to significantly raising recycling rates in our communities through waste reduction and diversion, and are currently distributing organic bins to our tenants. We are also working with the City of Toronto to make ongoing improvements to our waste management programs. 

Water conservation​

To reduce water consumption, we replace old, inefficient toilets with low flow ones. Replacements are six-litre ultra-low flush toilets that create cost savings.​

Green spaces​

A lady holding freshly picked peppers and tomatoes.

We facilitate the growth of community gardens within our communities. There are more than 100 community gardens across the city providing many benefits to residents, their communities and the environment. Learn more about community gardens.​

Building green ​

We use green standards for all products and services, and are always looking for innovative ways to improve, renew and maintain our housing supply.