Strategic Plan 2013-2015

Strategic Plan 2013-2015

​​​​Our corporate goals for 2015 are based on the strategies outlined in the 2013-2015 Strategic Plan, Homeward 2016, and have been approved by Toronto Community Housing​'s B​oard of Directors. These goals identify organization-wide priorities for the year. Each goal has objectives, tactics and metrics. The goals are implemented through divisional workplans and are also the basis for individual performance management plans. Progress on the goals is reported in quarterly and annual performance reports​. The goals reinforce Toronto Community Housing's three strategic priorities:
  1. Quality Homes,
  2. Vibrant Communities, and
  3. Service Excellence
See our corporate goals fo​r 2015 (PDF)​

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Homeward 2016: Our Strategic Plan for 2013 - 2015

Homeward 2016 ​sets out the strategic priorities that will drive Toronto Community Housing to deliver social housing in our city better than ever before. We are making a statement about who we are: we build viable communities, maintain homes in good repair and reinvigorate communities that people are proud to call their own. That is our destination. And, this is our plan to get there...

Read our strategic plan: Homewar​​d 2016 (PDF)