Seniors Housing Unit (North West)

Seniors Housing Unit (North West)

​Rgional Manager: Michelle Davis

Office Location and Hours: 3050 Bathurst Street

Tel.: 416-981-5500


Office Hours: By appointment, Monday-Friday between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. When you contact the regional office for an appointment, you may be redirected to site staff, depending on your particular need.

Please contact the Seniors Services Coordinator assigned to your building for any issues related to your tenancy and to get information/referrals to community agencies/services. For building or unit maintenance issues, please contact your Superintendent. The name and contact information of the staff assigned to your site are posted on your building's notice board.  

NW - Development NameNW - Building AddressWard
Outlook Manor55 Outlook Ave.5
Silverthorn Place600, 602-612B Rogers Rd.5
King High Acres12 King High Ave.6
Sheppard Place4455 Bathurst St.6
West Don Apartments6250 Bathurst St.6
Arleta Manor7 Arleta Ave.7
Arleta Manor11 Arleta Ave.7
Edgeley Apartments35 Shoreham Dr.7
Bathurst Place3036 Bathurst St.8
Lawrence Avenue W. (650)650 Lawrence Avenue West8
Marjory Carton Apartments193 Wilson Ave.8
Northacres Apts.2 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.4 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.6 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.8 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.14 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.16 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.18 Flemington Rd.8
Northacres Apts.20 Flemington Rd.8
Saranac Apartments3174 Bathurst St.8
Doug Saunders Apartments1775 Eglinton Ave. W.12
Louise Towers130 Vaughan Rd.12
Joseph Brown Manor3179 Yonge St.15
The Sherwood2567 Yonge St.15
Beecroft Manor35 Park Home Ave.18
The Kempford5430 Yonge St.18