Etobicoke South High Park

Etobicoke South High Park

Operating Unit Manager:
John Kraljevic

Office Location and Hours:
4020 Dundas St. W. (Units 6 & 7)
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Tel: (416) 981-5500


Dev ID Development Name Address(es)
695Bartlett Ave. (331)331 Bartlett Ave.
408Bloor Keele (44-58)44-58 Keele St.
413Campbell Antler 2Antler St.; 269-279 Campbell Ave.
221Capri Rd.7 Capri Rd.
173Cooper Mills Townhomes4020 Dundas St. W.
416Dufferin Gwynne 300 Dufferin St.; 9-23 Gwynne Ave.
67Dundas Gooch3725, 3735 Dundas St. W.
222Dundas Mabelle57 Mabelle Ave.
57Dunn Ave.245 Dunn Ave.
14East Mall607-617, 635 The East Mall
83High Park Quebec 100 High Park Ave.;117-129 Quebec Ave.
27Humber Bvld.105-121 Humber Bvld.
71Jane Woolner190 Woolner Ave.
465Laxton Ave (3) 3 Laxton Ave.
172Mabelle Place49 Mabelle Ave.
90McCormick Park1525 Dundas St. W.
122Mount Dennis Apts.101 Humber Bvld.
950Northcliffe Blvd. (659)659 Northcliffe Bvld.
483O'Hara Ave. (22)22 O'Hara Ave.
46Pelham Park Gardens61, 1-53, 2-60 Pelham Park Gdns.; 52-82, 100-114 Pelham Ave.;135-171 Osler St.
493Perth Ave. (136-152) 136-152 Perth Ave.
59Queensway Windermere21 Windermere Ave.;1-153, 2-154 Swansea Mews
068Spencer Ave.85 Spencer Ave.
469Springhurst Dowling75 Dowling Ave.
487St. Clair Ave. W. (909) 909 St. Clair Ave. W.
470Symington Place 3-53 Connolly St.; 1884 Davenport Rd.; 512-600 Symington Ave.;160-168 Wiltshire Ave.
196The Rankin Apts.55, 77 Rankin Cres.
489Tyndall Ave (102)102 Tyndall Ave.
62West Mall 445 Rathburn Rd; 516,520, 530, 540, 546,552, 559 The West Mall
22Willowridge Richview44 Willowridge Rd.