2009- TTC Hiring

November 28, 2008 - 12:51pm - January 2, 2009 - 1:00pm

2009 TTC Info Sessions and Interview Support Sheet*
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) & Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP)City of Toronto

Target Group: Youth 18-29 from the priority neighbourhoods* (see below) or Regent Park & St. Jamestown, who are out of work, out of school, experiencing a difficult time entering the workforce and have been provided with pre-employment support and identified as ready to work.

Job Opportunities: Seasonal Maintenance - Temporary Employment (approx. 6-8 months) and Summer Student Opportunities (approx. 5 months - for this specific initiative youth should not be students and should not be returning to school in September). Please visit www.toronto.ca/ttc/jobopps_maintenance.htm and www.toronto.ca/ttc/jobopps_students.htm for full details. Please note most positions involve working outdoors with various shifts including midnights and weekends. Realistic expectations will be shared with youth at the information session.

Referral Process:
1. Youth identifies interest in opportunity and check list filled out jointly between youth & counsellor/job developer/caseworker/outreach worker to ensure meet required criteria.
2. Youth that meet the requirements are provided with a referral letter to bring with them to the appropriate geographical information session as per the flyer
3. If youth are not connected to a YEP member agency, Youth Employment Toronto Worker or Toronto Employment & Social Service Office they can connect as per the flyer. If in doubt call YEP at 416-392-0101.
4. Youth must attend an information session in order to be provided with an interview
5. A scheduled interview time will be given to interested youth following the info session.
6. Please ensure youth have a resume to bring to the interview
7. Youth that are unable to connect to an agency prior to the event but meet eligibility requirements can be referred directly to their local information session and will be connected to a YEP agency representative or Youth Employment Toronto Worker at the event

Recruitment Process: At the information session senior TTC Human Resource staff will provide in-depth information on the current job opportunities, realistic expectations and career information. Job developers and Youth Employment Toronto Workers will be on hand to ensure support is provided as appropriate (i.e. provide resume support, assist with completion of application forms, provide TTC tickets, connect to additional employment supports) TTC staff will short list from the pool of applicants and the resumes of successful applicants will be referred to specific departments and youth called in for second interviews in March or April 2009. A commitment has been made to hire (re-hire) 25% (approx. 70-100) of required TTC 2009 Seasonal Maintenance and Summer Job opportunities combined through the City of Toronto, YEP and TTC partnership.

List of Priority Neighbourhoods including Postal Codes:
Jamestown (Rexdale) - M9V; Jane-Finch - M9L, M3N, M3L; Westminster-Branson - M2R; Steeles-L'Amoureaux - M1W; Malvern - M1B; Weston-Mt. Dennis - M9P, M9N, M6M; Lawrence Heights - M6A, M6B; Flemingdon Park-Victoria Village - M3C, M4A; Dorset Park - M1P; Eglinton East-Kennedy Park - M1K, M1J; Scarborough Village - M1M; Kingston-Galloway - M1G, M1E; Crescent Town - M4C. In addition, Regent Park and St. Jamestown

IMPORTANT: *This information sheet supports the flyer and should be included when the flyer is shared with community partners. Refer to the flyer for contact information.

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