State of Good Repair Revenue Fund Properties

Between May 2010 and March 2012, approvals were obtained to sell 103 stand-alone properties. In October 2012, City Council established the Special Housing Working Group that endorsed a sales strategy to sell an additional 55 properties, bringing the total number of stand-alone properties approved for sale to 158.

The criteria used to select the additional 55 houses included those properties with an estimated market value above $600,000, and any property that was vacant or in poor condition that required costly repairs.

Any properties for sale are publicly listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Please contact the listing brokers for more specific details. Realtors are selected through a public RFP process; to see current RFP opportunities, visit our business opportunities page

For information on the sales prices and net revenues, please visit our State of Good Repair revenue page.  

Address Realtor Status
Arlington Ave 311 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Balsam Ave 144  Trustwell Realty Listed
Carlaw Ave 161  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Cedar Ave 20 Trustwell Realty Listed
Davisville Ave 406  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Horseley Hill Dr. 52  Luciano Grossi Listed
Hugo Ave 6  Fridman + Elkind Listed
Indian Grove 161 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Jones Ave 119 Fridman + Elkind Listed
Jones Ave 193  Fridman + Elkind Listed
Jones Ave 319  Fridman + Elkind Listed
Lansdowne Ave 56 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Nairn Ave 71  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Noble St 29  Fridman + Elkind Listed
Pape Ave 203  Trustwell Realty Listed
Runnymede Rd 630  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Snowball Cres. 68 Luciano Grossi SOLD
St. Clarens Ave 1022  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
St. Clarens Ave 598  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Wardell St 22  Fridman + Elkind Listed
Willow Ave. 281  Linda Ing-Gilbert SOLD
Winstanley Cres. 55  Luciano Grossi Listed
Winstanley Cres. 87 Luciano Grossi SOLD
Yarmouth Rd 174  Fridman + Elkind Listed
Albemarle Ave 30  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Aldergrove Ave. 50  Linda Ing-Gilbert SOLD
Bain Ave 49  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Bellhaven Rd 12  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Blackwater Cres. 56  Luciano Grossi SOLD
Booth Ave 114  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Booth Ave 257  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Bradstone Sq 66 Trustwell Realty SOLD
Carling Ave 19  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Chatham Ave 90  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Coady Ave 11  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Dagmar Ave 65  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Degrassi St 81  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Dingwall Ave 26 Trustwell Realty SOLD
Dundas St. E 1544  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Dundas St. E 1834  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Eastwood Rd 176  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Ellerbeck St 10 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Ellerbeck St 6  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Ellerbeck St 8  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Ellsworth Ave 120  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Empire Ave 93  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Gerrard St. E 1228  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Gerrard St. E 1318  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Gerrard St. E 899  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Hastings Ave 15 Trustwell Realty SOLD
Hastings Ave 56  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Heward Ave 118  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Hiltz Ave 115  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Indian Road Cres 309 Trustwell Realty SOLD
Ivy Ave 114  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Jones Ave 115 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Jopling Ave 14  Trustwell Realty SOLD
Kent Rd 10 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Laing St 69  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Logan Ave 185 Trustwell Realty SOLD
Lowry Sq. 5 Luciano Grossi SOLD
Maclean Ave 88 Trustwell Realty SOLD
Mallon Ave 32  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Marchmount Rd 96  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Marjory Ave 14  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
McClure Cres. 109 Luciano Grossi SOLD
Merkley Sq. 117  Luciano Grossi SOLD
Milverton Blvd 15  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Mitchell Ave 12 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Morse St 101 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Murdock Ave. 22  Linda Ing-Gilbert SOLD
Pintail Cres. 29  Linda Ing-Gilbert SOLD
Poucher St 43  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Rhodes Ave 12  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Riverdale Ave. 350 Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Rushbrooke Ave 12  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Sammon Ave. 703  Linda Ing-Gilbert SOLD
Sawden Ave 1  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Trefann St 13  Fridman + Elkind SOLD
Tunmead Sq 27  Trustwell Realty SOLD

Address  Realtor  Status 
Bain Ave. 176 Freeman  Listed
Balsam Ave. 155 DeClute Listed
Cambridge Ave. 125 DeClute  Listed
Cedar Ave. 22 DeClute Listed
Crawford St. 201 Freeman Listed
Crawford St. 205  Freeman Listed
Crawford St. 221  Freeman Listed
Crawford St. 223  Freeman  Listed
Douglas Ave. 81  Freeman  Listed
Dundas St. W. 949  Freeman  Listed
Dundas St. W. 959  Freeman  Listed
Dundas St. W. 989  Freeman  Listed
Eastwood Rd. 127  DeClute  Listed
Edgewood Grv. 11 DeClute  Listed
Geneva Ave. 19  Freeman  Listed
Geneva Ave. 42  Freeman  Listed
Harcourt Ave. 24  Freeman  Listed
Haslett Ave. 19  DeClute Listed
Havelock St. 112  Freeman  Listed
Horseley Hill Dr. 52  Intercity  Listed
Howland Rd. 16  Freeman  Listed
Howland Rd. 23  Freeman  Listed
Hubbard Blvd. 5  DeClute  Listed
Hubbard Blvd. 7  DeClute Listed
Hubbard Blvd. 9  DeClute Listed
Kingsmount Park Rd. 100  DeClute Listed
Lee Ave. 264  DeClute  Listed
Logan Ave. 201  Freeman  Listed
Maclean Ave. 46  DeClute  Listed
Noble St. 29  Freeman  Listed
Parkview Gardens 38  Freeman  Listed
Roslin Ave. 47  Freeman Listed
Roslin Ave. 55  Freeman  Listed
Silver Birch Ave. 199  DeClute Listed
Strathcona Rd. 23  Freeman  Listed
Sylvan Ave. 2 Freeman  Listed
Sylvan Ave. 2A/2B Freeman  Listed
Sylvan Ave. 4  Freeman  Listed
Sylvan Ave. 6  Freeman  Listed
Sylvan Ave. 10  Freeman  Listed
Sylvan Ave. 14  Freeman  Listed
Victor Ave. 78  Freeman  Listed
Waverley Rd. 295  DeClute  Listed
Willow Ave. 304  Freeman  Listed
Wineva Ave. 2  DeClute  Listed
Wineva Ave. 4  DeClute  Listed
Wineva Ave. 6  DeClute Listed