Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a subsidized unit and a market rent unit?

Toronto Community Housing Corporation has both subsidized rent and market rent units. Subsidized units charge rents which are geared to income for those individuals who qualify for rent subsidies. A market rent unit is a unit without rent or income subsidies, whose rent value is determined by what the same unit would command in an open market.
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Do you have a list of vacancies which are currently available in your various community housing units?

Yes, please check the Market Rent Buildings page.

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What is an Operating Unit?

An Operating Unit is made up of various apartment buildings and/or houses in a specific geographic area. These buildings and houses are comprised of both subsidized and market rent housing. Each unit is assigned a manager and support staff.
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I am interested in applying for a market rent unit but my credit is poor. Is it possible to rent without good credit?

For market rentals eligibility, you are required to have good credit. If your credit check is unsatisfactory, you may be required to have a guarantor and submit a landlord reference letter.
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