Policies and Procedures (under review)

There are a number of policies & procedures at Toronto Community Housing that help to make our communities better places to live for tenants across Toronto


-      Accessible Customer Service Policy

-      Accessible Customer Service Policy Guidelines

-       Accessibility Policy (under review)

-      Accessibility Program Guidelines for Tenant Units

-      Translation & Interpretation Policy (under review)


-      Deputation Policy


Elections & Political Activity

-      City Councilor Relations Protocol (under review)

-      Elections Policy

-      Guidelines for Elections Policy   


Hiring & Fair Wages

-      Fair Wage Policy

-      Hiring Policy (under review)

-      Use of Consultants Policy


Human Rights

-      Human Rights, Harassment & Fair Access Policy (under review)

-      Human Rights Harassment & Fair Access Policy Tenant Complaint Procedure Related to Human Rights(under review)

-      Workplace Diversity Policy


Research Requests

-      Guideline for Research Requests 

-      Research Request Application  


Resident Engagement & Tenant Representatives

-      Tenant Representative Code of Conduct

-      Distribution of Tenant Council Funds Policy

-      Removal of a Tenant Representative Guideline

-      Roles & Responsibilities of Tenant Representatives Guideline



-      Closed Circuit Television Policy (under review)


Tenant Transfers & Relocation

-      Relocation Policy

-      Tenant Transfer Policy (under review)

-      Priority Transfer Guidelines for Safety at Risk or Medical Priorities


The Lease & Your Unit

-      Addition to Household Composition Policy

-      Evictions for Cause Policy

-      Eviction Prevention Policy for Non-Payment of Rent (Arrears)

-      Tenant Complaint Process (under review)

-      Unit Condition Follow-up Process

-      Visitor and Guest Policy



 -     Social Media Policy

 -     Social Media Terms of Use

Transparency -      Board Reimbursement of Expenses Policy

-      Code of Conduct for Board of Directors

-      Conflict of Interest Policy for Directors of the Board

-      Conflict of Interest Policy (Employees) 

-      Director Education and Board Development Policy

-      Code of Conduct Policy (Employees)

-      External Directorship Policy

-       Fraud Prevention Policy