Thank you to residents who came out for the fall 2012 Town Hall meetings

November 16, 2012


“This is a partnership.” –Gene Jones

In late October and early November, President and CEO Gene Jones hosted four town hall meetings with residents. At each meeting, Gene talked about what staff heard from residents at town halls and consultations earlier this year. Then he shared his approach to social housing and his direction for the company, and he listened to comments and concerns from residents.

Along with presenting Toronto Community Housing’s commitments to improving service, Gene talked about his expectations of residents. His asks were simple:


  1. Do your best to keep your unit clean and in good condition.


  2. If something needs to be repaired, tell us.


  3. if you see crime or know it’s happening, report it. “A look-the-other-way mentality is no longer acceptable. We’re all in this together,” Gene said.

Gene committed to future meetings with residents on a regular basis. Residents can look forward to the next set of town hall meetings in March 2013. Keep an eye on the website, your local bulletin board, and the upcoming resident newsletter for more details.


Fall 2012 Town Hall Meetings by the numbers:

4 meetings
375 residents
103 comments/questions

Click here to see the presentation.