We heard from Regent Park residents about how we can improve relocation and how you think we’re doing with revitalization

October 15, 2012

In May and June 2012, Toronto Community Housing and tenant animators
spoke with Regent Park residents who have moved into a new unit built as
part of the revitalization. We asked what the experience was like and
how to improve the relocation process.

We also asked if tenants feel that Toronto Community Housing has kept promises made about revitalization and how to improve communication with tenants about revitalization.

Many tenants use services provided by community agencies in Regent Park. That’s why we also asked community agencies how they think the revitalization is going. At the tenant update meeting in May, we said we would share the results of this study. The three main themes of the study are:

1. Better communications with tenants
2. Improving the relocation experience
3. Making areas safe around construction sites

Click here to read the whole study.

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