Premier Dalton McGuinty visits Regent Park

January 15, 2010

On Friday January 15, Premier Dalton McGuinty visited Regent Park to see the new buildings at 246 and 252 Sackville Street and learn more about the revitalization. The Premier was greeted in the lobby of 246 Sackville by Toronto Community Housing's Acting CEO Keiko Nakamura.  They were joined by the Regent Park Revitalization Project Director Liz Root and Daniels VP Martin Blake. Also waiting in the lobby were tenant leaders and community partners.

Keiko led the Premier on a tour that featured the green information kiosk in the building lobby, the children's play room, the future computer room for tenants, and the amenity room. Next the group went next door to the seniors building at 252 Sackville and the entrance lobby with fireplace. The group then headed outside to see the new streets and buildings still under construction. As they walked down Cole Street they stopped to visit a two-storey, four-bedroom townhome.

The visit ended with questions and answers at the One Cole Presentation Centre where the Premier talked about the history of the community and the importance of residents helping to shape the plan. "I want to thank all the folks at Toronto Community Housing, I want to thank the folks at Daniels Construction, but I think especially want to recognize and celebrate the people who are living in this community who grabbed hold of this project and who are working actively to lend shape to it so it better suits their needs and the needs of their families," said Premier McGuinty. "It gives it a stronger sense of community a place that any one of us would be proud in which to raise our families so congratulations to everyone involved," he added about the fact that the plan includes mixed-income, mixed-use and retail.

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