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How do you get information on living in Toronto Community Housing?

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The Tenant Guide (PDF) contains information for residents about living in their Toronto Community Housing home. It includes details about the rights and responsibilities of tenants, information about common areas, phone numbers and tips for safety, and much more. The new Tenant Guide replaces the Tenant Handbook.

How to get a copy of the Tenant Guide

English (PDF)

Read a PDF version of the new Tenant Guide (English).

Translations (PDFs)

The Tenant Guide is also available in 18 languages. See translations of the Tenant Guide.

Alternate formats

Audio: Download audio files of the Tenant Guide (English only).

Braille: A braille version of the Tenant Guide is available upon request. To request a braille Tenant Guide, follow the same instructions below for requesting printed copies

Large print: Download a large print version of the Tenant Guide (English only)

Do you need the Tenant Guide in another format other than the ones offered here? Learn more about requesting content in an alternate format.

Printed copies

To request a printed copy of the Tenant Guide, including braille, you can:

  • Visit your local Operating Unit office.
  • Email Please remember to include your name, address, including unit number and phone number.
  • Call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500. If you leave a voice message, please remember to say your name, address, including unit number, and phone number.

Tell us what you think

We'd really like to know what our residents think about the Tenant Guide. Your opinion matters, and it's strictly confidential.

Complete a short online survey about the Tenant Guide.  

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How to pay your rent

Your rent is due on the first day of each month.

Pre-authorized Payment (PAP)
You can pay rent through PAP or your bank. You cannot pay rent through your
building or Operating Unit (OU) office.

Most tenants use PAP - the Pre-Authorized Payment system. You can get a PAP form from your Tenant Services Co-ordinator at your OU office. PAP is:

  • Easy to use. Your bank automatically pays your rent from your account every month
  • On time - even if you are ill or away
  • Convenient. If your rent changes, staff will send you a notice. Your bank will automatically change your PAP to the right amount.

Bank Payments
You can also pay rent through your local bank, credit union, trust company or cheque
cashing company. To do so:

  • Get payment slips from your Tenant Services Co-ordinator.
  • Use the slip to pay by cash, cheque, money order or bank machine.

To pay rent by phone or internet, contact your bank.

If you can't pay the rent
We want you to keep your home! If you are having trouble paying your rent, contact your Tenant Services Co-ordinator right away. If you are in a crisis, we can arrange a payment plan that will work for you. We can also link you with services that can help you manage your finances.

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How do I find out what is in place to prevent a tenant from being evicted?

Toronto Community Housing is committed to working with tenants to make every tenancy successful. If a tenant can not pay their rent or if they run into difficulties, they should call 416-981-5500 and ask for the Tenant Services Coordinator for their area. Tenant Services Coordinators will work with tenants to develop a plan to keep them housed.

Toronto Community Housing has an Eviction Prevention Policy built on tenant input that requires staff to work with tenants to help them find solutions to keep them housed. Eviction must always be an action of last resort. Click here to learn more about our policies.

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How do I make a complaint or pay staff a compliment?

Toronto Community Housing has a complaints policy for tenant complaints about staff.

If you are not satisfied with the service you have received from staff, or from contract property managers and staff, talk to the Operating Unit Manager.

The Operating Unit Manager will record your complaint and try to resolve it within ten business days. If you are still not satisfied, call (416) 981-5500. Your complaint will be recorded. A senior manager will contact you within five business days.

We have a tenant complaint process to handle all complaints.

If you would like to let us know what we are doing right, call (416) 981-5500.

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How do I transfer from one unit to another one?

You may apply to transfer to another unit anywhere in Toronto Community Housing at any time. However, the waiting list for most locations is very long - often several years' wait.

To apply, talk to your Operating Unit office. Staff will explain the application process. The waiting list is generally "first-come, first-served." However, under very special circumstances, some people with urgent needs may be moved more quickly.

When you transfer, you must not owe rent or be involved in legal action with Toronto Community Housing. Your unit must also pass an inspection for damages.

Get a copy of our Tenant Transfer policy.

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How do I get information on the rent supplement program?

For all rent supplement program inquiries, please contact the Housing Connections general inquiries line at 416-981-6111 or visit the Housing Connections website at
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