Corporate Affairs and Audit Committee

Committee Secretary:
Mirela Bolentiru
Zahir Bhaidani

Christian Buhagiar
Brian Kwan
Karen Newman
Norman (Bud) Purves (voting ex officio member)

Executive Lead:        
Jason Gorel, Chief Financial Officer


The Corporate Affairs and Audit Committee (the "Committee") is established as a committee of the Board. The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing (the "Board") in fulfilling its responsibilities in respect of: 

  • Integrity of the financial reporting process and financial statements;
  • System of internal audit and controls for disclosures and accounting compliance;
  • External audit of the financial statements;
  • Financial compliance requirements;
  • Management of financial and fraud risk;
  • Recommendations by the Auditor General;
  • Information technology investments; and
  • Review of operating activities and financial statement reporting of subsidiaries and joint ventures.


Meeting Frequency:
Scheduled 6 times per year with a minimum quarterly occurrence.

Terms of Reference:

Please refer to the attached terms of reference for more information about this committee, including its responsibilities and authority.