Tenant Board Member Selection


Toronto Community Housing tenant board member election: Final Results 

The final results of the Toronto Community Housing tenant board member elections are below.



Munira Abukar - ELECTED

85 votes

Catherine Wilkinson - ELECTED

81 votes

Tarak Ahmed - ALTERNATE

76 votes

Simone Samuel - ALTERNATE

72 votes

Amzad Khan

58 votes

Abdirizack Hersi

40 votes

Dr. Mahbub Hasan

35 votes

Benjamin Abebe

22 votes

Total ballots cast: 256

Total votes: 506

Spoiled ballots - 3

Under votes - 37 (people who voted for just one candidate)



About the Candidates

At an all-candidates meeting on Monday, May 16th, the top eight candidates spoke about their experience and answered questions, part of the process to fill two seats available on Toronto Community Housing’s Board of Directors. A video recording of the meeting is available here

You can learn more about the candidates by clicking on their names below. (Feel free to contact the candidates who have provided their information.)

Benjamin Abebe

Munira Abukar

Tarak Ahmed

Mahbub Hasan

Abdirizack Hersi

Amzad Khan

Simone Samuel

Catherine Wilkinson

Voter Information

Voting begins on Tuesday, May 24th

(Voting ends on Friday, May 27, 2011)

Who is eligible to vote?

If you are a Youth or Tenant Representative, or a TERC member who is not a Tenant or Youth Representative, you may vote once.


Where do I vote? 

  • You may vote at the voting station reserved for your Operating Unit (on Tuesday, May 24 or Wednesday, May 25); or
  • You may vote at 931 Yonge Street(on Thursday, May 26 or Friday, May 27)

Download a printable version of the Voter Information Package [PDF] to learn about the voting process and voting locations.


Voting location information is also available here


The Process

Applications Available   

April 1

Information Sessions for Interested Applicants    

April 12, 13, 14

Application Deadline 

4:00 PM Friday, April 29

All Candidates' Meeting  

May 16


May 24, 25, 26, 27

Nominate Candidates to the City   

May 30


Documents of Interest

Voter Information Package [PDF]

Ballot used in 2011 Tenant Board Selection Process [PDF]


Summary of Qualifications for Board Members [PDF]

Code of Conduct Board Policy [PDF]

Human Rights Policy [PDF]


Tenant Board Member Selection Orientation [PPT]

Toronto Community Housing Shareholder Direction [PDF]


Operating Agreement - Amendment effective January 1, 2007 [PDF]

Operating Agreement - Amendment in 2003 [PDF]

Operating Agreement - 2002 [PDF]


Useful Links

Board Policies

Council's Public Appointments Policy